Book of engineering is a database containing fast calculators for your engineering calculations. Lots of calculators are possible from different engineering disciplines, you can filter the calculators 4 ways;

  1. You can bookmark your favorite calculator and reach it later from “My Bookmarks”
  2. You can search its B-Code like “EP100” for “Weight” calculator from the top right hand side “Search” button
  3. You can search with the B-Code’s description simply enter “Weigth” for weight formula calculator
  4. You can see that there are module names listed on the left hand side of the “Search” button like ME, EE, CE etc. These are simply abbreviations;

BP: Basic Physics Module

ME: Mechanical Engineering Module

CE: Computer Engineering Module

EE: Electrical Engineering Module

MATH: Mathematics Module

And simply the codes under these professions are following the letters mentioned here like EE100 for current calculator.

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