Pros in mining generally prefer ASIC. ASIC stands for application specific integrated circuit. It may be voice processing or mathematical data processing. But may be also for mining.

The most important criteria for buying an ASIC for crypto currency mining is the return of investment. And the most important proof of this return is hashrate. Hashrate is a computational power measure.

To calculate if a mining device is good for you, you may need to calculate some metrics. For those things coinwarz has a real good tool.

By entering into like hashrate, power consumption and money paid power power, you can calculate how much revenue you will get from your specific hardware. Especially, BTC earned power day calculation is great. You may easily see your revenue.

Whatsminer M32-70 (0.0202TH/Wsec)

The manufacturer is a very well known in mining industry. Hashrate is 70TH/sec. Consumes 3600w which makes 0.0202TH/W). If you have higher THs power watt then you have a better device. 8nm Samsung asic is used.

Their website is here if you need more info;

Power supply is coming with it which is nice you don’t need to deal with sockets.

To start using it you need to connect its power and internet. Then you need to go to your pc and enter the IP of the asic. Whatsminer says you can start mining in half an hour.

75 dB noise you need to stand which seems normal for an asic.

ANTMINER S19j pro (0.0338TH/Wsec)

Antminer is a series from Bitmain. S19j is the latest version. And it has the most THs per second. According to Bitmain, 100TH/sec is possible. 2950w is used to reach that hashrate. So with this model Antminer is getting higher rate of hashrate per second and watt.

75 dB noise you have with this device which seems same for most devices.

Antminer s19 j pro

WhatsMiner M30S++ 112 (0.0322TH/Wsec

Latest from Whatsminer, m30s++ makes 112TH/sec. But don’t think it is more profitable than Antminer. Because it uses more power. To get that 112th, you need to pay 3472watt. That makes 0.0322 TH/Wsec.75 dB noise is listed with this device also.

WhatsMiner M30S++ 112

Avalon miner 1246 (0.0263TH/secW)

This is a miner from Canaan company. It has 90TH/sec hashrate and you need to spend 3420watt which makes 0.0263TH/secW. It is not the best buylt will work for you.

You need to check for yourself if it is profitable for you. Because it changes according to your power bill, or how much you pay for power. 75dB noise is listed which is same as the other devices.


Did you know that you can miner crypto currency with Arduino? Duino coin is a specific coin that uses Arduino and raspberry pi as a miner device. You may also convert your coins mined via their website to different coins. For Arduino you need to connect your ARDUINO card to pc. But if you have esp8266 based card you may not need to connect your IC based card to your pc and you can use it stand alone. Because esp8266 is a special IC that lets you electronic card to be connected to wi-fi itself.

To get more info related to duino coin;

check Arduino website to learn how you will start;

Although mining with your Arduino seems fantastic, calculations show it may not be as profitable as other coins. But you need to check for yourself. Because it may not be suitable for whole countries but may be suitable for your country.

Or for the sake of electronics hobby you may want to try.

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