Did you know that NASA has a launch schedule web page where you can check what NASA plans to do.

You can access the web page through

You can see so many things planned including satellites, experimental airplanes, asteroid studies etc.

But one of them is really interesting, Date November 24, DART. DART is abbreviation for Double Asteroid Redirection Test. This is a real attractive project where they aim to shift an asteroid’s orbit through kinetic impact.

This will be the first demonstration for planetary defence. Also did you know that NASA has a planetary defence office. Check their website also if interested.

Under this department there is also Near Earth Observation program where they track those NEOs and measure size, shape etc.

We know that everyday lots of those small objects are entering into the Earth’s orbit and falling down. Also there are lots of small objects we don’t know or can’t get orbit info. For those situations, NASA is trying to detect near earth objects especially big ones before they are near to Earth and with these missions they will try to shift its orbit so they will not hit the Earth. Planetary Radar projects play a vital role in this and they have 3 radars. You can check JPL’s website and check what kind of asteroids they are working on:

ESA also has a planetary defence office: They are also working on the characteristics of asteroids and how to behace them.

It seems like sci-fi film but these missions are done and being planned to be done. You can have a list of planetary defense projects on wikipedia.

There are also non-government organisations in planetary defense sector. One is B612 foundation. Located in Mili Valley, this foundatio’s aim is also not different. Like space agencies, they also aim to detect and change orbit of asteroids in a controlled manner.

In any case these are great efforts to learn more about our universe and try to avoid disasters. Rather than monitoring now we can detect and change with the help of engineering and technologies. What do you think of these developments? Where will it end? Or will it end?

Don’t say it is no danger for us, just check the video below. In 2013 asteroid hitting Russia caught from different cams.

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