Journey of plastics

We all know that plastics are very for the environment. Let’s share our knowledge.

The words plastics come from Greek work plastikos which means fit for moulding.

Plastics are made of natural materials. After getting these materials a process called polymerisation is applied. Polymerisation or production of polymers is a process where small molecules are combined chemically to create chain like structure . So from those monomers you are going to polymers. People who want detail on polymerisation can have this as homework let’s we go on with other facts.

Do you remember researchers went deep into the ocean and found wrappers and plastic bag. This person is someone threw his garbage without any thought about this and we now find plastic bag at the deepest sections of ocean instead of new species. And you need 450 years for some of them to fully break down.

Please behave more gentle to the environment and keep it clean. This is the only environment we have in our hand now.

BASF is a member of the global alliance to end plastic waste. AEPW consists of 50 companies. They are investing to finish plastic waste. You can even have a look at their progress report here;

And they have just released another video on youtube;

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