nıssan z ıs back!

Japanese leading automobile legend Nissan’s old model Z is back with 2023 model. It has 3lt, 400hp engine. It will be sold in USA as a start. The design is inspired by this 13 years old Z. So if you are a fan of old cars and want also modern touches, this is for you.

They made also a great website where you can go through all previous generation Z models. Must check this website:

It has 9 speed automatic shift with shift-by-wire technology. Shift-by-wire is a system where the gear is not controlled via mechanical system. No mechanical connection.

9 inch infotainment is there. Apple Carplay, Android Auto and NissanConnect is ready.

Automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection is possible with new Z. Blind stop warning also ready to assist you.

Another nice feature is high beam assist. If you are using high beam and if a car is oncoming, then Z, automatically deactivate high beams. Very smart feature.

Talking here about Z, we can’t finish without talking about Yutaka Katayama who is the father of the Z-car. People interested in learning more can check wiki.

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