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Difference Between Type J and N
Difference Between Type D and M

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on plug types and power outlets around the world! In this blog post, we will take you on a visual journey, showcasing photos of different plug types that you may encounter during your international travels.

From the familiar Type A and Type B plugs commonly found in North America, to the versatile Type C and Type F plugs used across Europe, we’ve captured images that will help you identify and understand the unique characteristics of each plug type.

Explore the distinctive features of plugs like Type D, which is standard in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Namibia, and Type M, known for its larger pins, often used for larger appliances.

Discover lesser-known plug types such as Type L in Italy, Type N in Brazil, and Type G in the United Kingdom, among many others. We’ve compiled a diverse collection of photographs that highlight the variations in design and pin configurations.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply curious about the fascinating world of electrical sockets, this blog post will serve as a handy reference for recognizing plug types from different countries.

So sit back, scroll through the captivating images, and enhance your knowledge of international plug types. Happy exploring!

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