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Google, Fuchsia OS'u İlk Kez Bir Cihaz Üzerinde Kullandı

Android, as you know, is a well known operating system for mobile devices. On the other hand Fuchsia OS is not known as much, at least for now. But according to rumors, it seems like it will switch Android in the near future. Samsung is said to be changing from Android to Fuchsia OS which is an operating system developed by Google. Fuchsia OS is a modern open source operating system. You can have a look at its main page from here. Although it does not seem like a Google website (colors are different from what we get used to from Android), it is a Google website because if you click terms link at the bottom it forwards you to Google terms page.

One of the main advantage of Fuchisa OS over Android is its having easy updatability. Fuchsia will be fully Android app compatible.

Fuchsia has a different kernel from the other systems developed by Google which is Zircon. Everything began in 2016 where a git repo which seems to be developed by Google revealed without any announcement. It is found out that this system was capable of running on various devices includig traffic lights and car dashboards.

In 2019 Google talked about Fuchsia OS as an experiment. And at that time Fuchsia was started to be used on Pixelbooks which are also supported by Google.

In August 2021 all Nest devices are updated to use this OS. On the front side there were no difference.

According to Fuchsia dev website languages used in Fuchsia are C/C++, Dart, FIDL, Go, Python and Rust which are mostly new languages.

To start developing for the Fuchsia OS you have some prerequisites. It has Flutter and lots of other components which we may check in the upcoming chapters.

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