Electra Meccanica’s SOLO design cars

This cute electric car has more than you think. First of all, it really makes people look at it. The design is like a normal length car is divided into two.

Before starting to explore this cute city monster, lets learn more about the company behind it, ElectraMeccanica. Company has Canadian origin. Main aim is environmentally friendly electric car production. Single person car, called SOLO had so many attraction. Company started to expand their operation by USA and China.

ElectraMeccanica’s another model is also stylish. It is a electric version of classical car.

e Roadster by ElectraMeccanica

Their beautiful art makes electric car revolution more romantic and without pain.

Another good thing is that besides its being very beautiful, it is smart.

interior view from SOLO

You may get more info from their site if your are interested in.

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