In this list we will update every month we are taking 3 important points into consideration. First and the most important is printing speed, second is the printing volume and the third number is the resolution meaning how precise it can print. Hope it will help you.

Zortrax M200 (100mm/s, 7400cm3, 90micron)

Works in an integrated system like other Zortrax products. The included Zortrax M200 side cover set helps to maintain a stable temperature across the entire model during the printing and cooling process, so that the risk of warps and cracks on your prints will be even lower. The M200 side cover set also helps to prevent any accidental injuries from the printer’s hotend and heated bed.

Zortrax M200

Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3D Printer (275mm/sec, 4608cm3, 50micron )

The most important thing is that it is for desktop and size is for that aim a little small. Another important thing is that it is easy to use and you can start to use it directly out of the box.

XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 SLA (120mm/s, 3277cm3, 300micron )

It has 300 micron printing resolution and for detailed printing. It has auto refill tank. Nobel software automatically decides where to apply support. Nobel also has online gallery of 3000 3d pieces.

XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 SLA

Ultimaker 2 (300mm/s, 10609cm3, 20micron)

Ultimaker is also one of the most popular 3d printers in the market. Print head contains a second extruder which lets you use second colour or another material in one piece. It is easy to set up.

Ultimaker 2

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