Antminer S19 XP (0.047TH/Wsec)

Latest device from Bitmain. The motto is “the future is coming”. Hashrates of 140TH is s really good number and will definitely help miners to get to their aim faster. Especially when you check from their website you can see that the model is not available, most probably due to its selling rate is over their production capacity. According to Bitmain the efficiency is improved by 27% compared to the previous model which is s19 pro. And another good stat shared by Bitmain is that they compared to their very first model, S1, this model has 777 times more computing power. The aim is to get more TH per KW and this device is at the top now. 

Antminer S19 XP

ANTMINER S19j pro (0.0338TH/Wsec)

We will not forget our friend Antminer S19j pro. Although a new model is released, this model still seems powerful. 

According to Bitmain, 100TH/sec is possible. 2950w is used to reach that hashrate.

75 dB noise you have with this device which seems same for most devices.

Antminer s19 j pro

WHATSMINER M30S++ (0.0323TH/Ws)

Miner that uses 8nm Samsung chip. 110TH/sec. It consumed 3410 watt for that. There good thing is that it comes with on top power supply so you don’t need extra. The company says that anyone can start mining in half an hour with this asic. Because you just need power and internet then you can enter its GUI via its IP address. That is all to start working with Whatsminer asic.


AVALONMINER 1246 (0.0263TH/Ws)

One of the different feature from Avalon miner is that it had artificial intelligence chip inside. It makes 75dB noise and it is acceptable. Power supply is within enclosure.

Avolonminer 1246

Ebang EBIT E11++ (0.022TH/Ws)

It has 44TH/s with almost 2k watt power consumption . This also had power supply included. 10nm cost is running inside. Noise level is 75dB which is ok for these devices. Please be careful, 75db is acceptable for asic devices but may be high for you. Make sure before buying.

Ebang EBIT E11++

DragonMint T1 (0.011TH/Ws)

According to Halong Mining (producer of the machine), DragonMint T1 is the most efficient mining machine on Earth. But according to TH vs Ws it may not be that much. Definetly in our list from now on but seems like not possible to order from Halong Mining these days since you can only added to waitlist. Another thing is that you can only make payment with BTC on that site. Another rumour on this device is that they spent 30 million dollars on development of this machine. But their website has no SSL and give some warning. On the other hand you can buy this device from another website

DragonMint T1 16TH/s
 DragonMint T1

Hope you liked our list. Please keep following for latest mining device news…

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