Compared to Galaxy’s other foldable phone galaxy z, flip is flodable from the horizontal. Rather than having more screen like Galaxy Z, the aim is more like being flexible with Z Flip. You can fold and put into your pocket.

Divided screen still possible and looks fine but as you can guess Z Flip is better with bigger screen.

The good thing is that you can fold and use it as a stand. But again you are losing half of your screen but very nice if you need a stand generally (like having video talks often). You can easily convert your phone to metting cam.

IPx8 water resistance is also nice. IPx7 and IPx8 means your device is fully waterproof and here Samsung gives you heighest. IP rating has 2 digits generally first one is for dust and second is for the water. Since first digit is “x” that means not tested for being dust-proof, but who needs dust proof since it is waterproof.

If you unfold 6,7″ screen is your which is high and very enough.

See the vid below from Samsung on Youtube to get more info.

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