Are you a sales person looking for a great tool that you can keep with you throughout the day and take note at the same time?

A notebook designed for sales engineers is on sale at Amazon now.

This great notebook is designed to meet all your needs as a sales engineer. It has intelligent sections that helps you Excel your day.

You will be able to be ready for a tough day with the help of the schedule, target and target tracking, to do list sections.

A perfect organizer for a salesperson. 

Here is a page on this notebook;

It has ;

Yearly calendar, you can easily check calendar.

Meter which you can fill to see the status of your sales goal. You can fill throughout three day and be proud of yourself at the end of the day.

Daily to-do area, here you may write down the things you plan to do throughout the day. You can fill in those tick marks to see progress.

Write your goal section for everyday. So you have your goal in front of your eyes every day.

Daily note taking area, for every other things you need to write down. Notes, charts, figures or just some small drawing even a flower if you like. This area is for you.

Daily schedule 8am to 8pm for your meetings. So you can see your day with timescale.

And back of these pages are all empty for you to take more notes.

The 2021 version has this two page for a day and it is covering your one year with its 365 pages. So catch this opportunity today before ending. In the future it will be less page with higher price. Catch now the last chance. Don’t confuse 2021 version since it has 2022 calendar also included inside. Rest is same.

You may buy for yourself or purchase it as a gift for an engineer. They will love this.

Check from Amazon;

Black and version for 17.99$

Colour version for 48$

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