Samsung India has launched their new side by side refrigerator which they call Spacemax™.

The motto they were following for their new design is “More inside same outside”. And it seems like just knowing this will give you a hint what they aimed by releasing their new product to the market. And you can have a look at their official website announcement and you can easily get that they are strongly emphasizing this feature and indicating that they increased the storage capacity by not changing dimensions of the refrigerator design. They add that they could succeed by using minimal amount of insulation with the high technology available. So if you decrease insulation thickness you get directly more space without changing the overall dimensions.

As you know unlike smartphone industry where reducing thickness is important here increasing capacity per dimension is important selection criteria.

The most important point is of course the energy efficiency. If they increased the capacity you may think they they also decreased efficiency but that is not true. They mention that they did not play on efficiency in this game and made it also as efficient as before.

Another important thing or feature is their corner to corner cooling. They say that they designed their vents so that cooling is homogeneous throughout the inside.

It is also coming with digital inverter that adjusts its speed according to the cooling demand. Conventional way is directly running cooling system in an on and off manner where you don’t take demand into the equation. Here by taking this variable to equation Samsung claims that they can save up to %50 compared to conventional refrigerators.

And here is the video of their new product on YouTube;

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