TEA BREAK WITH C++ : Basic Comment Section for All programs

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Here these lines are comment section giving information about the program, and you need to include these lines so that another programmer can understand what it is about easily. 

  1. /* 
  2. Program that gets sum of two integers entered by the user
  3. version 0.0
  4. author ilker <info@biawd.com>
  5. */

Here we give the description at the second line. 

At line 3 we give what is the version of this program. Yes, programmers keep version so that they do not confuse about duplicate files. Or you can communicate with other programmers working on these files. There are version control platforms online like git. With these platforms you can track changes easily and work with other programmers. 

On line 4, we give the information about the author of the programmer. Also, the email or other info that you can reach to the programmer. 

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