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You may now start the software anytime by double clicking the shortcut on desktop or you can start it using the start section of the windows. 

At the start of the software it starts with this screen;

On the left-hand side, you can click “get started” to directly start playing with it. With “Open” you can open a supported drawing. If you already have a dwg file you can start playing by using this button. Or you may click the “x” on the top right.

 As you can see on the pic 19, on top of the environment you have a menu bar which is mostly used bar for all the programs which includes mostly used functions like file, edit etc. The thing is mostly this menu bar is fixed for some of the programs but NanoCAD lets you play with it by dragging and dropping by using the left hand side “four dots”. 

Or you may put outside the edges so that it can be freely put anywhere on screen; 

From free fly you may still drag and drop it to edges by using its header. You may apply this logic to all the bars. The other way is double click on dots or header. If you double click on these dots you will see that the bar you double clicked is free on screen, or if you double click on a header of one of the free flying bar you can place it on one of the edges automatically super-fast. 

 There are lots of other “bars” you may add to screen. For NanoCAD and most of the drafting software these bars are customizable since you don’t need to use all of the functions all the time. For NanoCAD you may customize your bars by right click on one of the edges right left or top. 

Here on customize menu you reached you may click on nanoCAD Toolbars so that you can select which bars you need. That’s we will decide later but to check what you have on screen you need to know this. 

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