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With this EASY book, I aimed to give the basic programming info as fast as possible without giving so much detail and making you feel bored. Comparing to the other programming books, in this book you will get the essence of the subject, without entering into lots of “unnecessary” details which you may not need to learn at the beginning of learning this language. Especially simple examples are used to show the functions of the codes introduced. I intentionally, tried to keep the text as short as possible so that you can start programming with C++ faster and have time to try it yourself. So this is a great book who wants to start programming as soon as possible and get the idea easily without diving into details. 

Even if you excel at C++ you will be able to use this book and examples as a reference since you get the simplest template for all topics. So, getting these simple templates you are able to construct your program easily. 

New technological developments are making us more bounded to the computer systems. After the industrial revolution, the latest age is the computer age. Like industrial revolution where machine power replaced human power, computer age is also helping human in brain power, in other words calculations. So, we can say computer is the combustion engine of the modern technology era. 

Today people with computer skills are more preferred compared to the people that do not know very much about computer. 

With this book you will get an easy start to programming where you will be able to start creating simple programs to make your computer calculate for you. Then throughout the book you will be able to continue with a little advanced one. So, I hope you will enjoy the programming with this step by step EASY C++ book. 

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