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Installing IDE

For all the programming languages the beginning is the printing “Hello World” sentence. So, this is some kind of tradition. But before doing that we need to have the C++ IDE. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. So basically, the place where you will communicate with the PC. So, the “language” is coming here. So, for different programming languages there are different environments so that you can talk to your PC and instruct it. 

So the website you will download it is: https://sourceforge.net/projects/orwelldevcpp/ 

Or you can simply go to sourceforge.net and go to the search box and enter “orwelldevcpp” ;

You need to find the software with the logo;

This is a free software so feel free to download. 

When prompts select “save”. 

When it is downloaded, click to run; 

Select your language;

Here you need to click agree to use the software; 

Here in this screen you need to leave as is and click next; 

And click “install”;

And it will start installing the IDE; 

And the installation is finished;

Click “finish” to start the IDE. 

Here at first start it will want you to configurate, select your language and click “next” here;

And here it asks you to choose theme; 

Actually, you may change according to your desire but no need to change for now. Click “next” after you are ok. 

And in this screen click “ok”;

And you reached the IDE; 

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