When does the engineering started? It is a very complex question. Because, people started to construct simple machines before engineering profession is defined. According to that concept we may say ancient times. Because people started to produce simple machines like pulleys, lever and wheels at that time. Some people also started to build tools very long long time ago. These are all before 5000 BC. Except those we may check the written sources to track.

BC 6000; first boats

BC 4000; first wheeled vehicle

BC 3300; first sailing ship

BC 4; Rome started constructing aqueduct system.

644; Wind power

650; Windmill

1010; Flight

1440; Printing press

1589; Knitting machine

1620; Submarine

1629; Branca steam turbine

1673; Huygens motor

1690; Piston

1755; Sewing machine

1799; Volta’s electrical battery invention

1804; Gas lighting

1810; Steam powered printing press

1825; First passanger locomotive

1827; Water turbine

1837; First patent for mechanical refrigeration

1839; First fuel cell

1841; Stapler patented

1843; First fax machine

1847; Instute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) founded

1850; First dishwasher

1850; Underwater telegraph cable

1851; Isaac Singer patented sewing machine. One of the biggest development in history of mechanical engineering is the sewing machine. Sewing machine is not just an ordinary tool. It is shown as example for complicated machine at the mechanical engineering universities.

1851; First patent for mechanical washing machine

1852; Electric fire alarm system

1852; Burglar alarm

1854; Bunsen burner

1855; Rayon invented

1857; First mechanical elevator

1860-1871; Maxwell’s equations

1861; Running a motor by solar power

1861; Transcontinental telegraph

1862; First man made plastic

1863; First underground railway

1865; MIT, Massachusetts institute of technology is opened with 15 students. This is the number one in engineering and technology according to QS World University Rankings 2021. You may reach their courses online through their open course website OCW; So you have no excuse, you have the best university courses online available.

1865; First pipeline, made of wood, carrying crude oil

1868; First traffic signals invented

1868; First commercial typewriter

1868; Compressed air locomotive brake

1876; Alexander Graham Bell, patented telephone. A new era started at the communications. A milestone for electronics and communication engineering.

1878; Solar powered steam engine

1878; First two stroke petrol engine

1882; First trolley bus

1885; Automobile by Karl Benz

1885; Motorbike by Gottlieb Daimler

1886; Commercial dishwasher

1887; Radar

1888; Electricity generation

1888; Ballpoint pen is invented

1891; Electric toaster

1895; First petrol driven bus

1895; X-rays

1900; Zeppelin

1900; Escalator

1901; transatlantic radio signals

1901; First hybrid car

1904; Geothermal electricity

1907; Helicopter flight

1908; Electric vacuum cleaner

1908; Electric washing machine

1911; First home market refrigerator by General electric

1914; First bomber aircraft

1914; Tank

1919; Pop-up toaster

1924; First Wankel (Rotary) engine

1924; Television is introduced, it was using mechanical rotating discs

1926; Rocket propellant

1927; Transatlantic non-stop flight

1935; Ballpoint pen was invented, in 1935 commercially produced.

1937; Jet engine is invented

1937; Photocopier is invented. In 1942 patented and in 1959 first commercial machine produced by Xerox

1938; Tumble dryer

1942; Photocopier was invented in 1937, in 1942 patented and in 1959 first commercial machine is produced

1943; Artificial kidney (dialysis machine) is tested

1944; Calculator

1947; invention of the first transistor

1948; barcode is used in an attempt to automate local grocery product reading

1948; first atomic clock

1950; first external cardiac pacemaker

1950; First microwave oven is patented

1951; First usable electricity from nuclear fission

1953; First patent for airbag

1954; First nuclear power station

1954; First photovoltaic cell is demonstrated

1956; Artificial heart is patented, 1982 first artificial heart is designed

1957; first wearable cardiac pacemaker

1957; The first satellite, Sputnik 1

1957; thrystor

1958; first integrated circuit

1958; First photovoltaic satellite

1961; object oriented programming

1961; First man in space

1962; apollo guidance computer

1964; BASIC computer language

1964; Computer mouse is invented

1965; Moore’s law

1967; ATM/ Cash point

1968; Liquid crystal display

1968; Jet Ski is patented

1969; internet, first message sent via ARPANET

1969; First man on the moon

1970; SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) was created at UC Berkeley as a class project.

1971; First space station

1972; HP-35. The world’s first handheld scientific calculator

1972; Raychem introduced first self regulating heat tracing cable

1973; first 2d MRI (magnetic resonance image )

1973; Mobile phone is invented

1974; Catalytic converter

1976; VHS (video home system)

1979; compact disc audio player by Phillips

1980; inverter driven air conditioner by Toshiba

1980; Rubik cube

1981; 3D printing

1981; Navigation system, ‘Honda Electro Gyrocator’, was released

1983; First maglev train starts operating

1984; Macintosh

1989; Word wide web www.

1990; Hubble space telescope

1995; Fermat’s last theorem is proved

1997; IBM’s Deep Blue beats chess grandmaster Kasparov

1997; Kyoto’s protocol

1997; First probe on Mars

1998; Robot assisted heart bypass

2006; Extracting water from atmosphere is developed

2007; First solar powered crossing of the Atlantic Ocean taking 29 days

2012; Synthetic meat

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