Mercedes Benz introduced their new great model EQE. This model is very similar to EQS in design point of view.

Mercedes’s latest hyperscreen is used. You may have a look at it from the video below. Hyperscreen is working with ai. Another great thing with hyperscreen used in EQE is its being very big. It is said to be 56 inch wide. Although it is massive, the control of only possible at 3 point on the screen. These points are driver side, next to driver panel entertainment panel and lastly the passenger panel. Passenger panel head really great design that if passenger is not using it, it is seen as galaxy theme. It is very stylish. Passenger next to driver can control media and radio etc thing from that screen. Similar to Android you may call your artificial intelligence in your Mercedes car by saying “hey Mercedes”. Another good thing to have a smart AI in your car is that it will start to remember things about your routine. For example if you are calling a person in your contact list every time you sit in your car it will propose you to do like that.

For the exterior, Mercedes Benz’s one bow design lines are seen clearly. We started to see that lines very long ago in their concept cars and now we can touch them in real.

And if you need message after a long day your car can do it for you. New EQE has 2 options for the massage.

Another nice feature coming with EQE is optional rear axle steering. We will not get into detail for that. You may check video below to get information and how it works.

how for wheel steering works

We hope you liked the new EQE from Mercedes. It seems like future of design is in your hands with latest technology with this model hope to see it on the road.

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