Today we will review the smart projector from Samsung: The Premiere.

According to, it gives you big theater screen experience at your home.

One of the best thing directly gets attention is the distance you need to put the projector. According to its manual it says the distane will differ based on installation environment. Of course if you put it near to wall you will get smaller screen size. At max according to manual, if you put it 426mm away from wall, you will get 2878x1619mm screen size (for SP-LSP9TFA model). This is like 130″. You may have a look at manual to get more info. If you want to but it, this is the most important factor. Here be careful, if you need 130″, then need to select 130″ version since 120″ version can’t give you 4K 130″ experience.

Another feature is its being smart. Yes you can connect net with this projector and it has ability to connect popular digital broadcasting sites like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc.

Triple laser technology lets you experience more vivid colors.

It is the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector. This makes it better at development on the frame side compared to Dolby Vision. Since HDR10+ is free and has freedom in it for developers compared to Dolby, it seems more appropriate for developers. Currently lots of companies adopted this technology, you may have a look at the full list from Wikipedia.

It has a real home cinema experience. Compare 65″ with 130″ here.

For the audio side Acustic Beam is serving you better quality audio experience like cinema.

Its design is also very nice, seems very stylish in a room, especially if you like minimalist designs.

Amazon, Google and Bixby voice control is also built in.

One of the other crazy thing is Tap to Mirror. This is a really breath taking. To mirror your device screen on projector, you just need to tap it to premiere. But here please be aware again, there is a list of compliant devices for this feature.

It says on the website 20000 hours of lamp life which is huge.

On Samsung website it got 4.3 stars. You may see the reply from Samsung to the comments on Samsung website. This makes me trust the Samsung since they did not try to remove the bad comments and showed all comments with their replies.

It says the projector uses TIZEN™ operating system which is a linux based open source operating system. TIZEN is said to be faster opening time. But bad side is you will not be able to install android apps to your tv. And also since Android apps not available gaming on TV with Samsung Tizen Apps may not satisfy you. On the other hand if you don’t want to play Android games on your TV and you just want streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix etc, then Tizen will be beautiful for you. On the other hand you may have a android box and you can enjoy both OS. So no problem if you want Android or TIZEN, you can adapt your phone.

You may have a look at the video below on how The Premiere looks like;

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