Volvo’s latest advert really great in its type, seems perfectly defining what volvo is in car safety systems. More than just creating safe cars. Volvo’s this ads really show why they are always taking safety first in their car designs and why we know that we ars using a safe car if we have a Volvo.

We congratulate the people behind this perspective for the design and engineering of Volvo cars. Simply shows what it means to have a safe car both for driver and the people.

In the video you see how Volvo engineering team is working on their 2020 aim which is about making their cars ultimate in safety side (already in they position but they want to make it perfect). Pedestrian detection is one of the features that comes with that pack and in a city life traffic one of the most important ones.

We hope Volvo can reach their 2020 aims so that we start to see more safe cars at the traffic.

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