Faucets are places where you can earn ᕲs for free. These websites generally wants you to solve a captcha. You can find the oficially available faucets list from your web wallet: https://wallet.duinocoin.com/

There you need to click the gear symbol (settings button) under your profile photo;

There you will get some useful tools;

You may change your password. You can wrap your DUCO to wDUCO which is the decentralized version of DUCO.

Another good option is web miner, where you can mine at any computer. Just entering this website will do. We can check that in the next posts.

Here you have also some good stat tools like “network explorer”, “Lulasckas’ Dashboard”, “Duino-coin Charts”. But under them you can find the faucets.

First on is Furime Services. If you click that, you go to Furime website. At the main page you will see some stats.

Go click the faucet button.

In the next page, you are required to enter your username and solve a captha. After that click “Get DUCOs” button and it will countdown from 30secs to give you your free ᕲs. We got ~2,2ᕲ. You need to wait an hour to solve another captcha.

The next faucet is Amogus.

The same logic you need to enter username and solve captcha. For reward they have two options. One is normal where you get between 0,02 and 0,4 ᕲ. Open case logic you have more rewards and more risk to gey very less. Just feel luck and tried the risky one.

And I earned 0,0173 ᕲ which is bad becuase if I chose the other option, I would earn at least 0,02 ᕲ. Bad luck! So try these two options for your own risk. For Amogus faucet you need to wait 15 mins to try your luck again.

http://pyduinofaucet.xyz/ I tried but gave error which says error to connect server.

The last one here is https://duino-faucet.com/ and it gave also error while I was trying;

I hope they solved issues while you are reading this post. From these official ones I can say that now most stable and top-grossing one is the Furime’s.

I wanted to see if there are any other faucets and Googled it.

I found this website: http://faucetforduino.online/ Here also stuck at the “loading” message and seems not working anymore.

I found also https://duco.sytes.net/ which is Lulasckas’ Dashboard. There they have also faucet and some useful tools.

They also ask some question with Captcha and if you can answer you get reward. The bad thing is it says “come back tomorrow” when you try to get again free ᕲ so, this means need to wait a day to get again free ᕲ from this website.

It has also some advice section you can benefit. For my miner for example it says it is mining too slow. So I checked their document on this problem and one important point got my attention.

Make sure that the correct CPU Frequency is set when uploading the sketch, i.e. 160 MHz for an ESP8266.

So I also tried both and here is the default settings (using CPU frequency 80MHz);

And here is the result after 160MHz;

It seems like it started to find rewards faster but difficulty is higher. Let’s see how much it will mine in a day.

At this very beautiful website about ᕲ, I also found a great tool to test for yourself if ᕲ is something for you or not; https://duco.sytes.net/ducotest.html

I hope you find this series useful for you and also I hope ᕲ can be mined more and used more since it is eco-friendly compared to other coins and it is super fast to transfer money since it is web based. Also it has option to decentralized version if you are worried about centralization of ᕲ.

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